a bilingual Shakespeare film for the 21st century screen
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Sara Tunes sings

Valentine’s Day

Shakespeare’s lyrics, music from the first productions of “Hamlet,” but modernized as a pop dance song.
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Digital Textbooks

Full text of Shakespeare’s HAMLET, wih easy click-through pages

Annotated pop-up definitions of archaic and unfamiliar words

Can be used on: ipad, iphone, android, any laptop or computer
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Why First Folio

The first time people saw all of Shakespeare’s plays, poems and sonnets printed and leather bound into one enormous volume and displayed in the London shops, many of them must’ve wondered who would buy it. Read more

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A New Way for Students to Love Shakespeare
Sara Tunes New HAMLET digital textbook, includes pop up definitions of unfamiliar words and phrases. Accessible through web, no need for downloading
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Sara TunesSara Tunes sings Valentine's Day-- Shakespeare's lyrics, music from the first productions of Hamlet
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“Read him...again and again. And if then you do not like him, know that you must be in some manifest danger not to understand him.”
-John Hemmings and Henry Condell,
Preface to the First Folio, 1623
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